Best Cigarette Joint Rolling Machine

Enjoying weed is an art. From the procurement process to the rolling of the joints up to taking the first smoke, each step is integral to the other. The modern day cannabis smoker has several options when it comes to marijuana. Not only can they choose from a variety of strains in the market, but also various rolling papers that are in plenty. You can find rolling papers made from different material such as straw, hemp, wood pulp, or flax. Their specifications usually lie in between 2.75 inches to 4.33 inches in length and a width that depends on your specification.


How well the paper decides to light up depends on various options that include the length, size, thickness, and types of rolling paper. You can also find rolling papers with bleach and some without bleach. Chemical bleach is added during the production process making the rolling paper stronger, lighter, and more resistant to burning. It also makes a joint to last longer.

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Here are some of the top rollers in the market today.

RAW 79 mm 1 1/4 Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine


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The RAW Cigarette Rolling Machine is one of the simplest and most effective rollers in the market today. You can find various videos online about how to use the product. The machine can roll only 79mm cigarettes and requires a bit of elbow grease to function. It is an excellent tool if you want to roll your marijuana. It comes with a plastic replacement in case the original wears out.

Zig-Zag Premium 70mm Rolling Machine


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The Zig-Zag Rolling Machine is one of the best machines in the rolling paper industry as they are known for their reliability. It can produce up to 70 mm cigarettes within minutes and with low effort. You can operate it in four steps to achieve a consistent size. The machine is small and portable.

TOP 70Mm Cigarette Rolling Machine


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You can use the TOP 70Mm Rolling Machine to roll both cigarettes and marijuana joints. The machine is simple to use as it comes with its instructions manual. It can roll up to 70 mm. The price of the device is affordable, allowing you to roll your cigarettes and joints.

But how do you choose the right rolling paper to use?

The decision to choosing a rolling paper is mainly personal since it has a significant impact on your overall experience when smoking marijuana. Some of the critical components you should focus on size and flavor.


The size of a rolling paper depends on the usage you intend for the rolling paper. You can find five general sizes that include; single, 11/4”, 11/2”, Double and King.

The Single wide is the smallest and most challenging paper you can use. However, the size contributes to making it the perfect rolling paper since it can make small and tight joints. The one and one quarter inch papers are the most popular in the market. They are very common when making standard cigarettes that have a conical shape. They are suitable for groups of one to three. For a more extended joint, you should consider using the one and one and a half rolling paper. They are larger than a cigarette but not as big as a blunt. Its best use is in groups of 3 to 4 seasoned weed smokers.

The double-wide rolling papers are not so popular in the market. However, they create a good practice point for new joint rollers. You should learn as much as possible if you want to use a better rolling paper. Finally, the king size rolling paper is meant for use by a bigger circle of smokers. They have better ventilation.


You should also consider the flavor profile each rolling paper carries. Some branded rolling papers add a special sensational to your smoking while others destroy the taste as well as your health.

Rolling papers that are flavored tend to burn quicker but can also improve your sensory experience.

Should you Roll or Vape Marijuana?

The legalization of weed is not complete throughout the world. Various smokers and non-smokers are trying to look for better ways to use marijuana. It is, therefore, no surprise that many marijuana lovers are opting to vape as an alternative to smoking joints. Vaping does not involve any smoking. It consists of burning marijuana using a pen-like device until it releases fumes of vapor. Unlike smoking, where 88 percent of the smoke does not coati any active cannabinoids, vaporizers increase the consumption of cannabinoids to 95 percent.

However, the decision on which method to use solely depends on the experience you want to achieve.

Summing Up

You should consider several items when choosing the best rolling paper to use. Each element leads to different smoking experience. Regardless of the type of paper you use, you can create your own unique marijuana experience during the rolling process.

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