Best Red Led Grow Lights Reviews & Guide

Are your plants getting the required type of light to grow efficiently? If you are a keen weed grower, you should already know that the different stages of growth require different types of light for your cannabis plants to give you the best results.


While blue LED lights are designed specifically for plants that are vegging, red LEDs are the best for flowering plants. Typically, most LEDs produce a full spectrum light that can emit both blue and red light, however, you can easily find light fixtures in the market that are designed specifically to cater for either the vegetative or flowering phase of a plant. Here is a shortlist of the top red grow light lamps that you can use in your indoor garden.

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HIGROW 36W All Deep Red 660nm

HIGROW 36W All Deep Red 660nm

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The HIGROW 36W is a wide-angle grow light that can deliver a perfect and true red spectrum light of 700 nanometers to help stimulate the flowering and budding process of your cannabis plants. The grow lights are a favorite for use in an indoor garden setting due to their superior coverage of 270 degrees of good light coverage, better than most grow lights in the market today. Not only that, you can save on some cash on electricity costs when you use the lamp as it consumes only a bare minimum of $2 per year. Your plants will get to enjoy rapid growth with big flowers and plenty of buds.

Benefits of the HIGROW 36W Spectrum Grow Light

  • Inexpensive 

The grow light meets value for money as it can deliver the exact red light plants require for the flowering phase.

  • Energy Saving 

You can save up your money on expensive electric bills when using the MiracleLED red spectrum grow light. The lamp uses an estimate of $2 per year, saving you close to $130 per year.

  • Wide Coverage

The grow lamp can deliver extensive coverage, unlike most LED grow lights in the market. It can cover up to an angle of 270 degrees.

  • Can Buy in Packs 

Depending on your grow room requirements, you can purchase the grow light in packs from a pack of one to a pack of ten.

  • Efficient 

The lamp can deliver a perfect red light that is suitable for stimulating fruiting and flowering in plants.


  • Warranty

The grow lamp does not come with a warranty that guarantees your purchase.

Growstar UFO 150W All Deep Red LED Grow Light


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When every other grow light leaves you without satisfaction, the all deep red LED grow light by Growstar, should be your next and final stop. The lamp delivers an optimal full red spectrum light that is perfect for the flowering and fruiting stages of growth. The lamp uses a unique LED Bead and Zener Design that helps to prevent one LED from affecting others in the series. The lamp delivers light with a high PAR value due to their 120-degree optical lens and 5w Epileds. The light it produces can quickly compare to that of a traditional 150 watts bulb while it consumes only 58 watts. It comes with a powerful heat dissipation system that constitutes high-speed cooling fans that efficiently release the heat from the lamps, ensuring that the LED board has a long service life.

Benefits of the Growstar UFO 150W All Deep Red LED Grow Light

  • Comes from A Reputable Manufacturer 

Growstar is a reputable brand in the grow light industry. All their lights are top quality and are favorites among indoor cannabis growers.

  • Highly Effective 

The grow light delivers an optimal red light suitable for the stimulation of your plants flowering and fruiting stage.

  • Energy efficient 

The grow light can deliver the same result as a 150W traditional grow lamp while consuming only 58 watts of power.

  • Large coverage area

Its epileds can transmit the light at an angle of 120 degrees with less light loss and maximum utilization of the light by 98 percent.

  • Warranty 

The grow light comes with a two-year warranty that guarantees you the effectiveness of the product.


  • Only for Indoors use.

The grow lamp is not waterproof; hence, you can only use it indoors.

  • Extremely bright

You have to wear protective eyewear when handling the lamp since its brightness can damage your eyes.

G8LED 90 Watt Red Flower Booster LED Grow Light


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If you wish to make a one-time investment for a grow light that will cater for your cannabis plants in their flowering stage, you should consider purchasing the G8LED 90 Watt Red Flower Booster LED Grow Light. The lamp contains LEDs that are made to last without any need for a replacement for several years. The lamp has a compact design allowing you to use it for almost any space. You can use it alongside an HPS system, HID, MH, or LED setup. It acts as an excellent supplemental light to enhance your cannabis flowers and buds. Your plants will grow taller, denser, with plenty of flowers and buds. You should introduce this grow light at the start of your flowering phase to get the best plant yields.

Benefits of the G8LED 90 Watt Red Flower Booster LED Grow Light

  • Optimal Light Spectrum 

The grow light delivers an efficient light spectrum of all red 630nm and 660nm that is suitable for use in the flowering stage of plants.

  • Work Alongside other Lamps

You can use the G8LED 90 Watt Red Flower Booster as a supplementary light alongside other grow lights such as CFLs, LEDs or HID systems.

  • Quality plant Growth 

The grow light can support your plants to grow faster, more massive, and produce more yields.

  • Award-Winning Brand

The grow light is one of the best in the industry as it has won the top position in the Wiki Top Ten “Best LED Grow Light.”


  • Expensive

The grow lamp has a hefty initial cost.

  • Warranty

It does not come with any warranty.

Summing up

Plants do need all the colors of light for them to grow healthily and bountifully. The blue color is beneficial for plants in their vegetative stage while the red color is best for plants that are flowering or fruiting. We hope that by going through this article, you will get to choose the best grow light for your indoor cannabis garden that will help you get a bountiful harvest.


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