600 Watt High-Pressure Sodium Lamp

During the flowering stage of cannabis, you need to change the duration your marijuana plants receive light exposure. Additionally, you should also change the bandwidth of light to simulate the change in the seasons from the summer solstice to the beginning of autumn that is characterized with shorter days. A grow light that can effectively deliver these results is a High-pressure sodium bulb (HPS).


During the various growing stages, you need to change the types of bulbs in use. Since high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs emit an intense orange to red light spectrum, they are perfect for use during the flowering stage. They will ensure that a plant gets an impressive vertical growth.

If you are looking for an excellent HPS bulb for your grow room, here are the top three options you can choose from;

EyeHortilux 600-Watt Super HPS Grow Bulb


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The HPS grow lights is a high premium brand lighting that has been in the market for about 20 years. Its PAR output and Lumen and always on top. Tests done on the bulbs indicate that they have the highest PPFD. They provide excellent results on marijuana plants, especially during the flowering stage.

If you want a grow light that can maximize your plant yields, you should get the EyeHortilux HPS grow light. However, you need to replace the bulb after 9 to 12 months of use. Still, it is a worthy investment if you consider the returns.

iPower 600 Watt HPS Grow Light Bulb


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The iPower HPS Grow Light Bulbs are a Chinese product but are still among the most popular grow lights in use today. Growers prefer using them even though they do not have a high PAR efficiency since they are inexpensive and the bulbs give some decent results. The lamp has a high lumen output of 85000 and is compatible with both magnetic and electronic ballast. Its design is specially made for use in a hydroponic system to stimulate flower growth.

The bulb can last for up to 32000 hours and carries a 1 year warranty.

VIVOSUN 1-Pack 600 Watt HPS Grow Light Bulb


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The VIVOSUN HPS Grow Light Bulb produces a well-balanced and efficient red and orange light spectrum that can be used through the vegetative and flowering stages of your marijuana plant. It is compatible with both electronic and magnetic ballast. The bulb produces 90,000 lumens that slowly depreciates over time but still maintaining 90 percent of its initial lumen after 5000 hours of running time. It takes about 3 minutes for the bulb to become bright fully. The lamp can last for 24000 hours. However, you need to replace it after 12 months of continuous use to maintain efficiency.

Similarities to Metal Halides

Metal halides are considered to be the most efficient light source for white light. HPS bulbs are very similar to metal halides in many ways. One, just like in metal halides, HPS bulbs can either have phosphor coating or not. The bulbs with the coating tend to produce more light.

A good example is a 600-watt HPS bulb can produce up to 90,000 lumens. Additionally, HPS bulbs have the same makeup as metal halides with an arc tube that is suspended in the vacuum inside an outer bulb that protects the tube from damage. Both bulbs contain a mix of vaporized gasses in the tube that makes the bulb produce a specific light bandwidth when electricity passes through the tube. Due to this, HPS bulbs require to warm up before they can emit a full spectrum of light.

HPS light bulbs can, however, last twice as long as metal halides. They also operate on a different principle to MH bulbs. When the light goes off or there happens to be a power surge, you will need close to 15 minutes for the gases in the arc tube to cool off before the light restarts again. Since an HPS bulb requires a high initial voltage, you should avoid switching the light on and off more than once to prevent shortening the bulb’s lifespan.

Unlike MH bulbs, you can position your HPS bulbs at any angle without any specific designation of vertical, horizontal or universal use. Additionally, HPS bulbs are more efficient than HID bulbs and can run for longer lifespans with an approximate of up to 24000 hours or 12 hours every day for five years. However, even with the long lifespans, you should replace them after every 18 to 24 months to maintain peak efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which stage of marijuana growth should you use HPS bulbs?

Professional cannabis growers use HPS bulbs during the flowering stage since it produces a light wavelength that stimulates the floral hormones of the plants and promotes the formation and development of buds.

Summing Up.

The emergence of the 600-watt HPS bulb led to an increase in the efficiency of HID lights by 7 percent, making it the most efficient HID light. When setting up an HPS bulb, you should ensure that it is at a safe distance from the plants. You can perform a simple hand test to check if the light is affecting the plants. A good range for a 600-watt HPS bulb should be 14 inches away from the plants.

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