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Some people would love to grow weed from the comfort of their homes. This means growing few crops that do not require large growing spaces or something that will take too much space. What you need is a complete grow tent that comes with everything you need for all the growth stages of your weed. The tent you need should have a GROW LIGHT and ventilation systems for the proper growth of the crops. Besides that you should also look for a grow tent that comes with pots, bags, NUTRIENTS and all the tools you need.


We reviewed some of the Best Grow Tent Kit on the Market especially good for first time weed growers and came up with the following three products.

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Our best picks of the best grow box on the market

Topolite Grow Tent Room Complete Kit Hydroponic Growing System


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If you a beginner in weed growing and you are in the market for the best grow light kit, Topolite has your back with a sturdy ad durable grow tent. The 2’by2’ hydroponic grow tent is the ideal starter kit for weed growers. The grow tent kit gives you space for four small plants and two medium ones from the seedling stage to the flowering phase. Features of the tent include a 96% highly reflective Mylar on the inside and a heavy-duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth on the outside.

The frame is made from 16 mm white coated metal rods. The tent also has a connector material made from 16 mm of sturdy plastic connectors. To keep your weed well ventilated while in the grow tent, the product contains multiple vents with mesh for filter output, fan and ventilation. The ventilation system also helps control the odor of the weed in the small tent and you do not have to worry about it occupying space because it suspends from the roof of the tent.

The packaging of the grow tent includes a carbon filter, two elastic ropes a changeable Velcro pre-filter, an inline fan and two steel hose clamps. it also comes with a 300W LED Grow Panel Light, a power line, two stainless and steel hanging kits, besides these you also get a grow tent cover, a set of frame rods, a removable floor tray, two nylon belts and an instructions manual to help you with assembling and dissembling the tent.

TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit


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When it comes to grow spaces for weed, you can always trust TopoGrow to provide you with some of the best products in the market. This is so especially if you are a new grower and do not know what to look for. the grow tent measures 32”x32”x63” and comes with a highly reflective waterproof diamond mylar material that ensures your plants get maximum light by reflecting it all back to them. The outside of the tent is heavy-duty 600D lightproof oxford material and the frame is white coated metal rods measuring 16 mm in diameter with sturdy connectors.

To protect the grow tent from escaping light are large zippers and a double stitching protection all around the material of the grow tent. To keep your crops well ventilated are multiple vents for filter and fan output. You can use the grow tent for both hydroponic and soil growing using normal pots and bags. For the lighting, you get 300W LED grow light from 100 pieces of 3W LEDS and 2 cooling fans. The tent is ideal for all the stages of weed growth from seedling to flowering. The packaging comes in three separate boxes and an instructions manual to help with assembling and dissembling.

TheBudGrower Complete Indoor Grow Kit


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If you are a first time weed grower and want to grow from the comfort of your home try TheBudGrower Complete Indoor Grow Kit for the perfect growing space. The 24”x24”x60” grow tent has a Mylar hydroponic non-toxic material that ensures your crops get all the light they need. The tent also comes with grow light fixtures with 17,500 lumans on a HPS bulb.

Other accompaniments are a bag of hydroponic hot soil from FoxFarm, and Coco Loco potting mix from BushDoctor. For ventilation and good airflow, the tent comes with a 4”in-line fan, which is a high inline exhausting fan with five speed controls. To finish the look of the grow tent, you also get a carbon air filter to eliminate weed odor and a leather case.

Wrapping it up

Growing weed for the first time does not have to be hard if you have any of the above grow boxes. They are convenient and they come with assembling instructions. the sturdy and durable grow boxes will allow you to grow your weed indoors without having to worry about space or your neighbours finding out what you are growing because the tents come with ventilation and good odor controls. Whether you are cloning or starting with seedlings, the boxes will give you great service for all the growth stages. Choose any of the above and irrespective of the method of growth, you will get great yields.

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