Halogen Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

Having a lighting system is an indispensible requirement if weed growing especially for indoor growers. This is because your plants need just as much light as those growing outdoors for proper growth. Different weed growers use various types of lighting systems to illuminate their grow tents and grow rooms.


These range from LED Grow Lights, to Incandescent Lamps, HPS Lamps and Halogen Lamps among many others. While many of the growers choose to go with led grow lights, there are others in the market that chooses other lighting systems. Today we look at one of the other alternatives, which are HALOGEN GROW LIGHTS.

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Review of Halogen Grow Lights

Unlike CFLs, halogen light bulbs do not use any mercury, which makes it safer to clean especially after a breakage. They have a more attractive colour that nears that of the natural sunlight as compared to other grow lights. Also compared to lights such as incandescent grow lights, halogen lights have a longer life span they provide the crops with full spectrum light and they do not need any time to warm up.

Some of the halogen lights are dimmable which makes it easier to control the amount of light you want your plants to receive. Halogen grow lights come in single ended and ended bulbs. The more common of the two is the double-ended light because of its versatility. Another reason the double ended bulbs are a favourite is because they come with motion sensors that activate them depending on where you place them in your best grow tent.

As much as some people use halogen grow lights for growing their weed, they come with their downsides, which may be the one reason they are not as popular as the rest. The lights generate too much heat as compared to other lights, which if not controlled properly can burn the plants. The bulbs also get too hot such that touching them with your bare or oily hands can lead to disaster. When setting them up, you should always make sure that the distance between the lights and the tips of the crops is 6 to 12 inches.

Our pick of halogen grow lights

KOR 120 Volt Pack of 2 Halogen Light Bulbs


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If you are growing your weed in a small-enclosed space, you do not need a large lighting system for your crops to grow. You can get the KOR 2 pack 120 volts halogen light bulbs to give your crops all the light they need. The light bulbs provide bright white light and a high color rendering that looks like that from the natural sunlight.

The versatile high end light is energy efficient and makes a good substitute for the traditional incandescent light bulbs. It comes with dimming properties and has a tungsten halogen capsule inside the lamp, which makes it more efficient. The light bulbs do not contain mercury and you can use them for other purposes such as outdoor floodlights and track lights among other uses.

Besides brightening up the room, they also have a beautiful design that adds to the beauty of your home. The lights shine well irrespective of the weather conditions meaning you can grow your crops at any time.  

Satco S2241 39 Watt (50 Watt) 530 Lumens PAR30 Long Neck

Satco S2241

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One of the best energy saving with a high output lighting system is the Satco S2241 39 Watt. The bulbs have 70 watts with 1100 lumens, which is equivalent to 70 to 90 watts of incandescent bulbs. The voltage of the bulb ranges from 110 volts to 130 volts making it an excellent energy saver.

The bulb is made out of high quality eco-halogen that makes it also one of the safest lighting outputs in the market. It provides the crops with a warm soft white colour that is equivalent to that of the sun ensuring that they grow with enough full-spectrum light. They contain no mercury, they are dimmable and you do not have to wait for them to warm up after installation.

They also come with multiple purposes and you can use for your grow space, as floodlights, as can lights, landscape lights, pendants and much more. The bulbs are durable and they all come with a standard size. The material of the bulb is aluminium with a glass cover and they come with a 90-day warranty the bulbs come in a pack of six.

Sylvania 14577-2 14477 Clear Halogen Lamp


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Besides having an attractive design, the above halogen light bulb is one of the most efficient halogen lights in the market. The lighting system comes in a pack of two bulbs that give your indoor weed crops full spectrum light. They have an eco-logic free soldier that makes them safe to handle and they do not contain any mercury.

The bulbs are instant-on, which means they do not need any warming up time. The average life of the bulb is 2500 hours. The bulbs are also versatile and besides the grow space; you can use them as floodlights or as landscape lights among other uses.

Wrapping it up

Though not as popular as led grow lights, halogen lights come with their own advantages that are good for the plants. For starters, the light bulbs are small and light compared to other light bulbs. They are also cheap and their versatility is an added benefit. When you are not using them in your grow room, you can light up your yard or outdoors with the beautifully designed halogen lamps.

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